Boeken over de Enige God

Buzzard, Sir A.F., MA (Oxon.), MATh, Hon. PD,
Wie is Jezus? Een pleidooi voor een terugkeer naar het geloof in Jezus, de Messias.
Vertaling. Restoration Fellowship. 29 pagina’s.

Jaap Noordam. De eenheid van 1 God. Pijnacker, 2022, 202 pagina’s.
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Ben Mordechai, U. (Uri ben Marcus), If. The End of a Messianic Lie. Volume One. Jeruzalem, 2011. 504 pagina’s.

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‘IF’ is the story of one Jew’s journey after he dared to challenge non-negotiable Christian / Messianic doctrines, and questioned their heavily guarded traditional dogma, with the Hebrew Language at his side. Over the centuries, the question of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) identity has intrigued and challenged many. There has never been a shortage of controversy on the subject.
“IF” enables the reader to dig beneath classic poorly translated Biblical texts that have been relied upon for centuries to support wholly incompatible foreign concepts, which neither Moshe (Moses) nor the Jewish Prophets ever knew anything about. Using the Hebrew language and its grammatical structure, Uriel ben-Mordechai dispels the Christian and Messianic movement’s myth that could not succeed to pull the wool over Jewish eyes, in connection with the historic personality of Yeshua.

If you want to rediscover a Jewish Yeshua, this book is a must-read!

Buzzard, Sir A.F., MA (Oxon.), MATh, Hon. PD,
The One God, the Father, One Man Messiah Translation. New Testament with Commentary. Second Edition. Restoration Fellowship, 2014. – gratis online versie

Most churchgoers are unaware that what they receive in church as “Bible” has been filtered to them through a lens of Greek philosophical thinking. This tradition adversely affects current Christian teaching, obscuring central aspects of the original belief of Jesus and the Apostles. Post-biblical councils did much to draw a veil over “the faith once delivered.”
Honest inquirers for the saving truth of Scripture will find this translation of the New Testament eye-opening. Most translations tend to “read into” the biblical text ideas which were never intended by the New Testament writers.

Buzzard, Sir A. & Hunting, C. F. , The Doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity’s Self-Inflicted Wound. Oxford, 1998. 378 pagina’s.
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This important work is a detailed biblical investigation of the relationship of Jesus to the one God of Israel. The authors challenge the notion that biblical monotheism is legitimately represented by a Trinitarian view of God and demonstrate that within the bounds of the canon of Scripture Jesus is confessed as Messiah, Son of God, but not God Himself. Later Christological developments beginning in the second century, and under the influence of pagan Gnosticism, misrepresented the biblical doctrine of God and Christ by altering the terms of the biblical presentation of the Father and the Son. This fateful development laid the foundation of a revised, unscriptural creed which needs to be challenged. This book provides a definitive presentation of a Christology rooted in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. The authors present a sharply-argued appeal for an understanding of God and Jesus in the context of Christianity’s original, apostolic, unitary monotheism.

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